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Our Adventure in Japan

isabella in Japan

How can you condense Japan into just 5 minutes? Well, you can’t of course. When Brian set out to put this video together, he first chose all the favorite pictures that told all the best stories about our amazing time in Japan. A day later, he was still whittling them down because we didn’t think it […]

Following Dreams into the Future


I’ve been reflecting lately on the right path for our future. Like many people, I keep hoping for that nice easy path that so clearly points in one direction. Apparently, life doesn’t work like that. Too often, it feels like I’m sitting right here trying to decide which way to go. I look back sometimes, […]

And Then We Packed Up and Moved to Ja...

At the airport, preparing to move to Japan.

This post has been a long time coming, and it will not even remotely begin to cover all that has transpired in the past few months. The short version: We now live in Japan where we are exploring life and culture, and we are just having an amazing adventure. The long version: Well, that is […]

5 Safety Tips for Traveling with Chil...


I am not  big fan of crowds. Sometimes when our family visits a place that is somewhat crowded, I find that I spend most of my day counting heads. Since I’m usually carrying the baby in a front pack, I count to six and then start over again. All. Day. Long. My children, oblivious to […]

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs | Sign...


In our travels, we have seen a lot of signs. Most of them are pretty mundane. Stop signs, yield signs, billboards, and street signs are everywhere. Each time we enter a new state, we get a little excited when we see the sign welcoming us to the new state(it doesn’t take much to make us […]

6 Things We Learned From Traveling Ac...

point to map

For the past three years, our life has been pretty centered on travel. Even though we did not leave California until March of 2014, we had been preparing to move into an RV and explore the USA for quite a while before that. Once the decision was made, we started downsizing. Then there were a […]

How Far Would You Drive for Chocolate...


A couple years ago, when we were first talking about living life on the road, we started talking to friends about the idea (Actually, we broached the subject with everyone we met). Audra, a friend from high school sent me a message. “If you come visit,” she said, “I’ll bake cookies.” I took note of […]

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