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5 Safety Tips for Traveling with Chil...


I am not  big fan of crowds. Sometimes when our family visits a place that is somewhat crowded, I find that I spend most of my day counting heads. Since I’m usually carrying the baby in a front pack, I count to six and then start over again. All. Day. Long. My children, oblivious to […]

One Year Nomadiversary |Learning Acro...

The Godfrey Family

For the past year, our family been on the most amazing adventure. It really started about 3 years ago with a seed of a dream that we carefully nurtured and cultivated until it grew and grew and basically overtook our lives. In a good way, of course. We decided that the best way to teach […]

It’s Amazing What You Find When...

Dominic was declared perfectly healthy and ready to travel.

Once we made the decision to downsize our home and life, move into an RV, and cross the USA at a leisurely pace, we had a lot of work to do. It took us several months go through our belongings. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates, especially when there is room to store it. […]

Lessons from Gettysburg

Cemetery at Gettysburg.

Planning a Cross-Country Adventure “I want to stand on the battlefield at Gettysburg and cry,” I said. “That sounds patriotic I suppose,” the man said, using a tone that told me that he found me to be completely nuts. While some regarded our initial plans with surprise or curiosity, the person I met that day made it […]

Travel and the Special Needs Child

Love riding in the backpack with Dad.

Travel and special needs child It is no secret that we think travel is an amazing way to learn about our world. With a large family, making travel happen can be challenging at times. Those challenges can be amplified when traveling with a child with special needs. We have been blessed with a son with […]

Yep. We’re the Family in the Ma...


When we go out in a crowd, it always seems like I spend most of my time counting kids and making sure I know where everyone is. So before we started traveling, I decided that I wanted to get some matching shirts for those days when we’d be in a crowd. We might look a […]

RV Park Review | Lake Whitney Thousan...

We told the boys to secure the tablecloth. It stayed on, even in a Texas-sized storm.

Prior to setting out to travel full-time, we purchased a zone pass from Thousand Trails. Initially we started in the Southwest zone, but now that we’ve been traveling, we were able to switch our zone pass to the Southeast zone, and that includes a great little preserve in Texas called Lake Whitney. We stayed here […]

Painting the RV Kitchen | RV Remodeli...

rv kitchen before

Painting the inside of our “vintage” RV was one of my priorities before we could hit the road. Painting the bedroom led to some difficulties (due to water damage) that we were able to fix with a simple solution. Painting the RV kitchen wall was a much more straightforward task.  To paint the kitchen in […]

Meet the “Learning Across Ameri...

The Godfrey Family

What kind of family would give up the “American Dream,” trading life on a small California farm for life on the road? Who would trade stability for adventure? That would be us. We’re the Godfrey family, and in 2014 we moved into our “vintage” RV and decided to see the USA in a grand, open-ended […]

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