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This week, the family is taking over the Learning Across America blog. Each family member will be sharing their stories about our first year of full-time travel. Pull up a camp chair, and see what we’ve been up to.

As we left California very close to her birthday, Isabella has the distinction of having celebrated two birthdays on the road, one in Arizona, and one in North Carolina. 

One Year Traveling | Bella’s Story:

Bella1Hi I’m Bella, and I am the oldest of the kids on the trip. When my parents told me we were going on this trip, I did not want to go under any circumstances whatsoever. I was pretty upset. I look back now and wish we started earlier. It’s a lot more fun then I ever imagined.

My favorite part of traveling across the USA was coming to North Carolina and meeting a woman named Yuko who eventually became our grandmother. She helped a lot, made things fun, and she makes everyday better. Yuko also makes really good spring rolls and cookies and, well you get the point, she’s amazing. And she wasn’t the only one who brightened up our lives. Family and other friends helped too.

As for the RV, its 38 ft long and 8 ft wide. Does it get cramped? All the time, but we manage and muddle through, as I always say, “Suck it up, Cupcake.”

At night the place turns into a bunkhouse, literally, and that’s usually when it gets tight. I must say you definitely grow tighter as a family.

Bella2I said earlier that my favorite part was meeting Yuko and it is, but my absolute favorite part is and was meeting family. They are some of the nicest people ever, and they really know how to have a good time. I had the best Easter ever in Arkansas with family. I really felt loved! So there you have it, the journey from my point of view!!


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Learning Across America

Learning Across America

Rose Godfrey is a speech pathologist and freelance writer. The Godfrey family (Brian, Rose, and the 7 kids who are still at home) crossed the USA in an RV then set out to see the world.
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  1. Brenda Kline
    March 21, 2015    

    Thanks for sharing your perspective Bella! Wishing you many more great memory making experiences. Wishing you an extra special birthday today, too!

  2. Jennifer Souza
    March 21, 2015    

    How cool that you found a grandmother! That’s the best. Thanks for your story and have a wonderful birthday!

  3. March 22, 2015    

    Bella, you have learned a precious life lesson – to be open to new experiences, because you just might like them! Continue to learn and enjoy;)

  4. Christie Goodnight
    March 22, 2015    

    Nothing like GETTING TO THE POINT Bella! I wish I could meet this “Yuko”. She sounds really special. I am really loving your daily verses on Facebook. They hit home so often and it is so refreshing to see scripture instead of all the other garbage people are posting. Thanks for sharing how your heart has turned around on the trip. Glad you are having such a good time. I know this will be one of those things you look back on and never forget. Not to mention the stories you will be able to tell us, your family, and the future generations in your life. Thanks for taking the time away from all the fun, marshmallow roasting and Grandma Yuko to remind us all to “suck it up – cupcakes!”

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