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One Year Traveling | Sophia’s Story | Learning Across America

This week, the family is taking over the Learning Across America blog. Each family member will be sharing their stories about our first year of full-time travel. Pull up a camp chair, and see what we’ve been up to.

A Year of Travel | Sophia’s Story:

Sophia2Hi. I’m Sophia Godfrey and I am 12 years old (soon to be 13) and I am on a life changing adventure. On March 17, 2014 my family and I started traveling across America. Traveling isn’t always easy, it is often unpredictable, and sometimes scary or random, but that’s what makes it fun. You may think that your family will never get along in such a small space, but in truth it brings us closer together.

A big advantage of traveling is making new friends. You might think that moving around so much would prevent you from making friends, but really it makes it so you have more. We have made friends in about almost every state we’ve been in, and we keep making more each move.

Another advantage is sight-seeing. There are so many wonders in this country alone that you could be traveling your whole life and never have seen them all! National Parks are a great place to get started. National Parks are fun, informative, and they preserve natural resources.

My favorite state is Arkansas. It is very beautiful and lush. The people there are friendly and conversational. There are many landmarks such as Crater of Diamonds State Park, Buffalo National River, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and much, much more. They even have their own sports hall of fame!

Sophia1At first I wasn’t sure about traveling, but I’m glad we decided to. I have had so many amazing and awesome memories and have many more to make. I have gone so many places and done so many things. I am a visitor, staying neither here nor there. I am a sightseer, seeing the wonders of America. I am a wanderer, not knowing where I am going to go next. I am a passenger, riding on the train of adventure. I am a traveler.

-Live your dreams-

 About our “Nomadiversary”

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Learning Across America

Learning Across America

Learning Across America

Rose Godfrey is a speech pathologist and freelance writer. The Godfrey family (Brian, Rose, and the 7 kids who are still at home) crossed the USA in an RV then set out to see the world.
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  1. March 19, 2015    

    Sophia, love your philosophy!

  2. Christie Goodnight
    March 20, 2015    

    WOW! What a terrific writer you are! I was mesmerized by your story the entire time! I want more!!! I can’t believe you are almost a TEENAGER! Yeah! Growing up is good, hard work. I have family who live in Arkansas – your favorite state! Maybe we should all meet up there some day and you can show me around – and my family can take us to their HUGE industrial chicken farm? I went there when I was a little girl and I remember loving it. I’m so glad you are making so many new friends on the road. You are very friendly and I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t. Just don’t forget your old ones! We miss you and keep up the good work.

  3. Crystal
    March 22, 2015    

    I have to say you are an amazing little writer. I love that your mom is doing this series. We are striking out with our kids in a few years and I’m so glad to see yours and your siblings’ view on traveling. I hope my kids love it as much as you do. They are all for adventure.

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