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Meet the Godfreys

The Godfrey Family
The Godfrey Family

The Godfrey Family

What kind of family would give up the “American Dream,” trading life on a small California farm for life on the road? Who would trade stability for adventure?

That would be us. We’re the Godfrey family, and in early 2014 we moved into our “vintage” RV named Queenie and decided to see the USA in a grand, open-ended adventure of a lifetime. It’s a little bit crazy, sometimes. Other times, it can be downright crowded and messy. In between all of that, this nomadic┬álife is nothing short of amazing.

We took a few months to cross the country, taking our time, stopping along the way to meet up with friends and family. Oh, and that pic up there? That was us in Magnolia, Arkansas where we had a fabulous time. In case you’re counting, YEP, we’ve got 7 of our kids along for the ride. While it might be easier to embark upon this trip with an endless bank account, we decided to make this dream come true NOW, while the kids were young enough to come along. For us, that means we work along the way. It’s just another part of the adventure.

In the past year, not only have we reconnected with old friends and met some of the friendliest people we could ever hope to meet. The only down side: we couldn’t bring everyone–old friends and new–along with us (we’ve only got one bathroom in the rig, you know, and sharing it with 9 is plenty).

We talked about this life for 20 years or so, then looked at things seriously starting in May, 2012. We launched in the early spring of 2014, several months behind schedule. We’d started planning for a journey with 6 kids along, but God had another surprise in store for us: our youngest joined the family in early 2013.

The blog took a crazy time warp sort of turn in early 2014 when I accidentally erased the entire thing and had to go searching for previous posts which are going up in a somewhat random order as I rediscover them in various places (quite a lot was stored on a computer we left behind. Oops).

Come along, enjoy the story and the adventure.

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Meet the Godfrey Family

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