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RV Park Review: Cozy Creek Campground

In the summer of 2014, we stayed at Cozy Creek Campground in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. It was a great place that was very family oriented, a feature that is very important to us.

Our kids took to the keyboard to review the park shortly after we left. As you can see, the presence of a jump pillow was a very popular feature for the kids. Here is what they had to say about Cozy Creek Campground.

pa signIsabella’s review:

We had planned on staying here for three months while my mom worked in Wilkes-Barre. The first thing that caught my eye as the jumping pillow. We had stayed at a campground in California that had a jumping pillow. It was love at first sight, and ever since then we never saw one again. We came here not knowing what to expect. As soon as we were set up we set out for the pillow.

We jumped for hours that seemed like seconds. As we jumped more often we met the staff. They were very friendly to us. As they came to know us and we came to know them we felt right at home and very safe. We stayed for the fourth of July and the RV park put on a great fireworks show! Another thing that caught my eye was the weekends: these people put effort into the weekend for the weekend campers. They have activities from morning to night. They have live music in a range of styles for all ages. Every Sunday at 11:00 am they had fire truck rides. They circled the campground in a fire truck loaded with campers and went around blasting the sirens. This is definitely the place to be on a weekend!!

jump pillowSophia’s review:

Cozy Creek Family Campground is great place to stay, whether you just want to stay for the weekend or two or three months. It has plenty of friendly staff and lots of activities. It consists of an arcade and café, a miniature golf course, a jumping pillow, a gem mine, a spider web, and a pool. Sometimes the have bands play at the pavilion, or arts and crafts. They have barrel train and fire truck rides. All in all it is a very nice campground.

tunkhannock trainOlivia’s review:  

Cozy Creek is very welcoming to families and has lots of activities. They have a park, a pool, and a café. The café has lots of fun stuff. It’s like an arcade with a place to eat. They have a fake spider web, a gem mining place, a jumping pillow, and mini golf. The staff is very nice and you can have campfires too. It’s a really nice place. So you should try it too.

kids in creekMax’s review:

The last place we stayed was Cozy Creek Campground and it was awesome. We stayed for the 4th of July and they put on a fabulous show of fireworks. Every weekend they load up there fire truck with people and drive around the campground. We went to Steamtown when we were there, and it was fun.

max5Atticus’ review:

Cozy Creek is the best campground I’ve been to. It has a jumping pillow and checkers in the café and a gem hunt and mini golf it was amazing. It was the best out of all the campgrounds we’ve been to so far.

state mapSicily’s review:

Cozy creek campground is very cool. It has a park, pool, jumping pillow, and a café with checkers and arcade games. It was very fun staying there.



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