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Painting the RV Kitchen | RV Remodeling

Painting the inside of our “vintage” RV was one of my priorities before we could hit the road. Painting the bedroom led to some difficulties (due to water damage) that we were able to fix with a simple solution. Painting the RV kitchen wall was a much more straightforward task. rv kitchen before

To paint the kitchen in the RV, I simply washed the walls with a TSP solution and then rinsed. The prep was the same as for any other wall in a regular home. I did have a little bit of trim to pull up. Since I had decided to paint the walls light green, I decided to go with a contrasting blue for the trim. I pulled it off and painted it and then put a coat of polyurethane on top. I had the idea that it would help to keep it cleaner, and so far that has been true. Clean up is a breeze.

My happy little RV kitchen after painting.

My happy little RV kitchen after painting.

The kitchen color scheme was partly discovered by trying to match the curtains (found as fabric at the thrift shop. Total score at $16 for enough to make all the living room, kitchen, and dining room curtains). Because we had the time, I kept checking the paint store for “oops” paint and managed to get the green and the blue for about $5/gallon. Score again. Seriously, half the fun of the remodel was finding a way to come in way under budget. It didn’t make sense to spend a fortune on this old RV, but we did want to make it comfortable. We are very pleased with the results.

Back to painting. In the kitchen, painting was a breeze. I put on a coat of Kilz primer and then 2 coats of paint. Over a year later, it still looks great.


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