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5 Safety Tips for Traveling with Chil...


I am not  big fan of crowds. Sometimes when our family visits a place that is somewhat crowded, I find that I spend most of my day counting heads. Since I’m usually carrying the baby in a front pack, I count to six and then start over again. All. Day. Long. My children, oblivious to […]

Scott Creek Beach | Field Trip Friday


This post is part of a series in which the kids have the opportunity to write about our travels. The short paragraphs below tell about a trip to Scott Creek Beach which is north of Santa Cruz, California just off of beautiful Highway 1. Isabella At the beach we went and saw underwater sea caves. I […]

Yep. We’re the Family in the Ma...


When we go out in a crowd, it always seems like I spend most of my time counting kids and making sure I know where everyone is. So before we started traveling, I decided that I wanted to get some matching shirts for those days when we’d be in a crowd. We might look a […]

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